Get in the Bin!: iTunes Updates

This article was published on the original Sorry I’m on 15/09/2010

Luke Miksa's: The Negative Space Bar

Welcome to the newest feature of Sorry I’m, a little thing I like to call GET IN THE BIN! (Or as many sane people call it: ranting). The genesis was simple: I have a lot of beef with many different things; so begins this gripe-tacular period of this website’s history…


Seven: that’s how many times I’ve had to download a new version of iTunes this year alone! And these are not just simple updates and patches; these are full downloads of roughly about 100MB each time. I know this isn’t very much by today’s standards, but without naming names, my Telstra internet connection is about as sluggish as, well, a slug: a big fat one. The last thing I need is another download to take up all my bandwidth and chip away at my precious download limits.

Fuck this thing.

What of my parents who refuse to give up dial-up? Downloading something of that size is nigh on impossible. Apple is basically thumbing its nose and flipping the bird to all the geriatrics out there. Old people listen to music too, dammit!

Besides the download gripes, one thing that really grinds my gears is that with every new installation a lot of my preferences are set back to their original settings; Sound check, import settings, album artwork, and others are all reset and this really cheeses me off!

The thing that sucks is that iTunes is totally the tits: the best media player thingy out there. Not to mention that owning two iPod’s and an iPhone it’s an actual necessity.

iTunes, you freaking rock and are used consistently, but due to your steady updates I banish you to join all the people that are complaining about your new logo (seriously, get over it). I hereby am telling you both to…

*The word download was used six times in this blog (seven if you count this one, the same number as iTunes updates this year!).

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