Recap: WWE Raw – 8th July 2013


In-Ring Segment

Vickie Guerrero cuts a promo to tout her accomplishments on the day of her performance evaluation by the McMahon’s (also known as a public humiliation). In a stunning display of athleticism, she cuts her promo from the top of a ladder; a nice callback to the time Eddie Guerrero did the same. This promo leads directly to…

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Bryan remains over as heck, and Sheamus continues to receive scattered X-Pac heat.

Bryan pins Sheamus clean with a roll-up; in a shocking twist, Sheamus decides to NOT kick Bryan in the head post-match.


AJ Lee is stressing about Kaitlyn coming after her and Big E Langston says that she’s “buggin'”, which made me laugh for some reason. Dolph Ziggler shows up to make out with AJ, blurring the lines between face and heel, and confusing all.


Recap: WWE Raw – 1st July 2013


Cold open with Vickie Guerrero announcing that tonight’s WWE Raw will be celebrating the history of the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championships, with title holders John Cena and Alberto Del Rio facing off tonight. This is met with general apathy from this Iowa crowd. It’s gonna be a long night.

In-Ring Segment

Daniel Bryan out first sporting a terrific new shirt touting ‘Respect the Beard’, and he receives a pretty nice reaction. Who would have thought that a strong in-ring push would get a competitor over? Bryan compares himself to wrestling legends such as Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hogan’s name was met with jeers, which is pretty funny.

Sheamus then arrives to kill the mood. He brings up beating Bryan in 18 seconds at WrestleMania. Randy Orton also arrives sans music and says stuff. Then Kane arrives with pyro but no music, which is just bizarre. They are ultimately joined in-ring by both Christian and then CM Punk, and it seems all men shockingly covet the WWE Title. They posture and trade insults for a while until eventually Orton hits Kane with an RKO and this weak segment fizzles out.


Missing Persons Unit: Freddie Prinze Jr.

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Luke Miksa's: The Negative Space Bar

As doubtful as it may be, it’s possible that you may have recently asked yourself where on earth Freddie Prinze Jr. has disappeared to. A burgeoning superstar of the late 90’s/early 2000’s with a string of successful films including I Know What You Did Last SummerScooby Doo and She’s All That (and Wing Commander: lol); the films roles dried up for old Freddie quicker than you can say Matthew Lillard.

Truth be told, The Fresh Prinze (I went there) has been getting steady guest roles on television, but if you were to ask who was employing Prinze Jr. at this very moment; I will respond with the WWE.

You read that correctly; Freddie Prinze Jr. is employed as a writer for World Wrestling Entertainment: oh, how the mighty have fallen. He actually makes occasional on-screen appearances, such as this:

Freddie Prinze Jr. lays down the law to Randy Orton.

Which led to this:

Seriously, what did you expect to happen?


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