This Week in Trailers: The Internship, Oblivion. Trance, Sanitarium, More

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Oblivion – International Trailer

This is the second generic — albeit not as generic as the first — trailer for the future-dystopia-sci-fi adventure directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy), based on his own graphic novel of the same name. While the first trailer had a definite WALL-E vibe, this one just feels like a re-hashed Matrix: did Morgan Freeman steal those glasses directly from Lawrence Fishburne?

Also of note: is this a Tom Cruise action movie trailer where they aren’t showing Tom Cruise running? Outrageous!

Oblivion strolls to Australian cinemas on April 11.

via MSN Movies



The Internship – Trailer

Okay, let’s be honest here: this looks terrible. This looks shockingly terrible, and it’s sad to see how far a duo that I used to find somewhat entertaining — in Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn — have fallen.

Most of the jokes here are about how old they are, despite the fact they are dudes in their 40’s who could easily pass off as mid-30’s. They can nonchalantly recite all the Terminator films (series spanning 1984-2009), yet are clueless as to whom Professor Xavier is (series spanning 2000-2011, first appearance in 1963). The jokes could have possibly made more sense with an older starring cast, such as Jack Nicholson and Alan Alda (but probably not).

Directed by Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, Real Steel), and co-starring Rose Byrne and John Goodman (both appearing well below standard), The Google Movie — aka The Internship — opens in Australia on June 13.


The Numbers Station – Trailer

Bear witness to John Cusack‘s continued slip in to Cage-esque B-level action roles in The Numbers Station; where Malin Akerman (Watchmen, Wanderlust)  has secrets/skills as a code-breaker that a shadowy organisation is willing to kill for, and where Cusack must protect her at all costs. The narrative is taken straight from dozens of average 90’s action films and this isn’t really showing anything spectacular to make it stand out from the sub-par crowd.

An Australian release is dependant on how well it fares on its US release in April, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit DVD and Blu-Ray directly later in the year.

via Yahoo! Movies


Trance – Red-Band Trailer

Danny Boyle returns to the big screen after directing last year’s London Olympic Games opening ceremony (including directing the Queen of freaking England in a short James Bond sketch) with Trance, a welcome return to gritty genre form from the film-maker.

James McAvoy plays a man who, under pressure from criminal associates, must go under hypnosis to try and reassemble pieces of his fractured psyche. This trailer is fantastic, it features a very Black Swan or Total Recall broken-consciousness kind of vibe, and the pay-off at the end of this trailer sealed the deal for me.

Trance is out very soon — but not soon enough — on April 4.

via Yahoo! Movies



The Company You Keep – Trailer

The first thing that strikes you about the upcoming film from director Robert Redford is undoubtedly the glasses worn by Shia “The Beef”. The second is what an impressive cast Redford has assembled: Susan Sarandon, Terrence Howard, Anna Kendrick, Stanley Tucci, Brenan Gleeson, Chris Cooper, and Crazy Nick Nolte to name a few. All obviously jumping at the chance to work with the acclaimed Redford.

This looks like a pretty decent, tense political thriller, with shades of both The Fugitive and the Redford-starring All the President’s Men.

The Company You Keep has received mixed reviews on the festival circuit, and Australians will be able to decide for themselves on April 18.

via Yahoo! Movies



Sanitarium – Red-Band Trailer

Where 2009’s terrific Trick ‘r Treat failed, it appears last year’s scare-fest V/H/S is responsible for bringing the horror anthology film back to prominence, including its own sequel S/V/H/S and the upcoming Sanitarium.

The appearance of Malcolm McDowell, Robert Englund, John Glover and Lacey Chabert are nice, but I’ve only got three words to sell you on this: Lou. Diamond. Phillips.

Sanitarium premieres at the Miami Film Festival on March 1st, and will probably take to the festival circuit for the next few months.


The Call – Trailer #2

Coming from the illustrious WWE Studios, The Call follows Halle Berry‘s hairstyle as her 911 operator attempts to thwart a kidnapping case. In all honesty, this trailer is actually pretty solid, in an unspectacular fashion.

Perhaps WWE Studios realised that success will come in casting actors in their films instead of wrestlers? With that being said, I would pay all the money to see Chris Jericho in a lead role. Any lead role.

The Call is directed by Brad Anderson (The Machinist) and also stars Abigail Breslin as… a grown up? I feel old.

I give this my patented Straight-To-DVD Guarantee.

via MovieFone (no embed available)


Kiss of the Damned – Red-Band Trailer

I guess the Twilight fad has killed any interest I may have had for vampire tales, although Kiss of the Damned looks like a fine version of the vampire/human love story without glossing over the harsh violence and sexual tones. This looks avoidable.

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