This Week in Trailers: Star Trek Into Darkness, Despicable Me 2, Scary Movie 5, Welcome To The Punch, More

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Star Trek Into Darkness – International Trailer

I promise this will be the last time I post any more trailers relating to JJ Abrams highly anticipated sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, as it seems the Paramount marketing machine is releasing something new almost weekly, at this stage.

As far as the trailer goes, I would have to say that — despite all the gloss and impressive imagery — I am somewhat… underwhelmed. Perhaps with all the sci-fi to be released this year all the trailers are starting to merge in to one big outer-space mess. The shot of Alice Eve in her underwear was gratuitous and obnoxious, and its inclusion is pandering towards the male audience.

One thing of note is the focus on Benedict Cumberbatch‘s UNNAMED VILLAIN, who after this trailer actually has me rooting more for his character than any of the crew of the USS Enterprise. Did anybody else have this?

Co-starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, and Anton Yelchin; Star Trek Into Darkness beams down into Australia theatres wide on May 16.

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Despicable Me 2 – Trailer

2010’s Despicable Me was a surprising critical and commercial hit, so it’s no surprise that the wheels of a sequel were put quickly into motion. And deservedly so, as I personally found it to be one of the top animated films to be released in recent years.

Steve Carell‘s anti-hero Gru is a terrific character and a handsome fit for Carell’s comedic timing and sensibilities. For light — and often hilarious — comic relief add in the extremely popular Minions and you have yourselves genuine franchise fodder.

Original directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud return for a second helping, and joining Carell are the voices of Kristen Wiig, Al Pacino, Miranda Cosgrove, Steve Coogan, Russell Brand, and Ken Jeong.

Australians will be the first to see Despicable Me 2 on June 20, one week before any other country. Suddenly Australia is number one!

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Scary Movie 5 – Trailer #2

It’s not often that I judge a movie based solely on the trailer, but I think you can all excuse me on this one occasion when I say: Do not, under any circumstances, even consider for a single second of entertaining this pile of hot garbage with your money or your time. This trailer for Scary Movie 5 is cringe-worthy.

Producer David Zucker used to be a pioneer and one of the top talents in the comedy spoof genre, involved in such genuine classics as Flying High (Airplane!), BASEketball, The Kentucky Fried Movie, and the Naked Gun series, amongst others. The last decade has seen a massive decline in quality from the one-time master of parody. It is sad to say that the quality spoof movie is a thing of the past.

Scary Movie 5 features Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, Molly Shannon, Heather Locklear, Jerry O’Connell, Charlie Sheen, and Lindsay Lohan all slumming it for a paycheck.

Everyone will have a chance to avoid Scary Movie 5 on its wide Australian release on April 11.

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Welcome to the Punch – Trailer

Following in the footsteps of great British gangster flicks such as Snatch and Layer Cake is no easy feat, but crime drama Welcome to the Punch from director Eran Creevy attempts it nonetheless. It involves heists, conspiracies, and detective/criminal arch-enemies (James McAvoy and Mark Strong): all the standard tropes which mixed together make for a pretty formulaic narrative.

Welcome to the Punch opened in the UK last week to a mixed reception, we can make up our own mind on May 9.

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Turbo – International Trailer

This could go either way. Of late, animated features — Dreamworks Animation especially — have been hit or miss with me. The ones that miss I find look cheap, have little going story wise, and are blatantly cashing in on the lucrative audience that animated films court.

On paper, the story of  snail Turbo (Ryan Reynolds) that wants to be a racer and magically gains the power to do just that is extremely trite. But I see a small glimmer of hope in the tone and the very nice animation on display in this trailer. The supporting voice-cast is also quite impressive, consisting of: Richard Jenkins, Bill Hader, Paul Giamatti, Michael Pena, Luis Guzman, Michelle Rodriguez, Maya Rudolph, Snopp Dogg(Lion? Pony?), and Samuel L. Jackson. Freaking Ken Jeong is also involved, his second appearance voicing an animated character this year (both trailers released this week, too).

Turbo will open for the kids on their school holidays on September 19.

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The Big Wedding – UK Trailer

The Big Wedding is an upcoming ensemble romantic comedy and it looks JUST AWFUL. It features a pretty impressive all-star cast, including; Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Ben Barnes, Topher Grace, Susan Sarandon, and Robin Williams.

Just going over that list makes me realise that this entire cast — despite all their combined talent — are individually notorious for starring in bland, paint-by-numbers romantic comedies just like this. Now they have all come together. It’s like the perfect storm.

Also of note: why does Ben Barnes not warrant a mention in this trailer? Who did he piss off? Was it Reepicheep?

The Big Wedding will be released on May 9. Does the Katherine Heigl string of duds continue? Probably.

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