Five Favourite Birthday Episodes


To commemorate the creators birthday earlier in the week, and by the creator I mean the high overload of Sorry I’m Late, please enjoy this quick list of of the best birthday episodes in some of his favourite shows. Happy Birthday!

#1. The Simpsons – Stark Raving Dad

When you think of The Simpsons and birthday episodes, the honorary mention will always fall on this memorable episode. While admitted to a mental hospital because of another one of Bart’s shenanigans, Homer befriends Leon Kompowsky who believes he is Michael Jackson incarnate. Leon inevitably helps Bart with a birthday present for Lisa that will last through the ages.

#2. Futurama – I Second That Emotion

Leila and the gang throw a birthday party for the five year old Nibbler, but a resenting Bender flushes Nibbler down the toilet. A distraught Leila and an emotionally crippled Bender swap emotions in order to enlighten Bender on the horrible thing he has done. Caving under the pressure of emotions, Bender goes after Nibbler where we are first introduced to the underground sewer mutants. Enter El Chupanibre.

#3. Seinfeld – The Deal

Another hallmark episode in a classic comedy series where Jerry and Elaine have agreed on a set of rules to govern their new ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. In the meantime, Jerry needs to figure out an appropriate birthday gift for Elaine that abides by their rules, settling in the end with an envelope of cash.
Just as a fun fact, this episode was written in the midst of NBS potentially cancelling the series after season two. This was originally written as the final episode in the series seeing Jerry and Elaine back together. Once the show was renewed, the episode became the fourth last in the season and there was never any mention again of Elaine and Jerry’s ‘beneficial’ relationship.

#4. Community – Critical Film Studies

It’s Abed’s birthday, and to celebrate the gang has arranged a special Pulp Fiction themed surprise party. Little did they know, Abed had recently undergone a crisis of faith and decided there was more to life than films and geekery. A confused Jeff has dinner with the ‘new Abed’ while the rest of the gang, including a jealous Troy, await his arrival in their Pulp Fiction gear. SPOILER ALERT: Abed is actually using the intimate dinner to reenact a film himself.

#5. South Park – You’re Getting Old

Last but definitely not least is this outrageous mid season finale which was well received and even applauded by critics and fans. On his tenth birthday, Stan begins to have an existential crisis when he realises his taste in music is changing and he is growing up. At a visit to the doctor he begins having a vivid hallucination which turns everybody in to giant feces, which gets diagnosed as Stan being a cynical asshole. In the meantime Randy has become obsessed with modern ‘tween-wave’ music to the intense disgust of Sharon. Without giving away the ending, this episode was positively received for its themes of growing up and uncontrollable change.

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