Gotham: Not Another Superhero Series


With the release of the new trailer for Gotham last weekend, an ambitious Batman prequel television series, now is a great time to discuss what exactly it is we are in for.

Still a couple of months away from airing, FOX is really building the tension for one if its more anticipated series. Gotham is set in the DC universe and is marketed as a prequel to the Batman story centered around Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie). This dark new series is first and foremost a drama. By that I mean don’t expect the lighthearted Smallvilledrama” with a masked crusader sweeping in at the last moment to save the day. Gotham is about the roots of the criminal underworld and the twisted egos that are created in Gotham City. Gotham will follow Jim Gordon’s mortal struggle for justice against the odds in an increasingly corrupt society.


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