Gotham: Not Another Superhero Series


With the release of the new trailer for Gotham last weekend, an ambitious Batman prequel television series, now is a great time to discuss what exactly it is we are in for.

Still a couple of months away from airing, FOX is really building the tension for one if its more anticipated series. Gotham is set in the DC universe and is marketed as a prequel to the Batman story centered around Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie). This dark new series is first and foremost a drama. By that I mean don’t expect the lighthearted Smallvilledrama” with a masked crusader sweeping in at the last moment to save the day. Gotham is about the roots of the criminal underworld and the twisted egos that are created in Gotham City. Gotham will follow Jim Gordon’s mortal struggle for justice against the odds in an increasingly corrupt society.


The Biggest Problem with ‘Man of Steel’

Luke Miksa's: The Negative Space Bar

As Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel hit Australian home video this week, I got to reminiscing on how disappointed I was when I viewed it on its theatrical release.

I will gladly admit to being a tremendous Superman fan — possessive even — but I am generally not the kind of person to kick up a fuss when someone comes along and changes aspects to a long-standing character (especially a character with the 75-year legacy of Superman). Changes keep things fresh, and different artists are always going to have different perspectives and visions. I’m hip to this, and I enjoy seeing various interpretations.

I don’t need to warn you about MASSIVE SPOILERS from now on, do I?

The makers of Man of Steel made many changes: Perry White is black. Jimmy Olson is female. Lois Lane deciphers Clark Kent’s secret identity almost immediately. Superman is actually forced to kill as a last resort (which is kind of a big deal). All of these are fairly drastic changes, but I applaud them because they are either intriguing or they positively add to the narrative.

But there is still something that bugs me, and I’ve narrowed it down to this guy:


Oh, herro


In Defence of: BAT-FLECK

Luke Miksa's: The Negative Space Bar

The biggest movie news story this past week — as well as perhaps the biggest casting news of the year — was  Warner Bros. deciding on their newest man to don Batman’s iconic cape and cowl in the sequel to this year’s Superman flick, Man of Steel. That man is of course Ben Affleck, and the casting became a huge talking point for anyone with an interest in the subject. By talking point, I am referring to the shockingly negative backlash from superhero fans, film fans, and the internet in general.

Within days — hours, even — of the news breaking, message boards and comment sections were overflowing with people spewing their hate-filled vitriol at the decision. Let me repeat: people were genuinely angry and upset at this decision. There was a lot of this:

If you don’t have the time to watch that video (you don’t), that is a TEN MINUTE rant over — and I can’t stress this enough — an actor simply being cast as a fictional character.

How is it possible to cast judgement over something that doesn’t even exist yet?


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