Top 10 Christmas Movies

This article was published on the original Sorry I’m on 30/12/2010.

Luke Miksa's: The Negative Space Bar

Honourable Mentions
Batman Returns, Trading Places, Bad Santa, Jingle All The Way, It’s A Wonderful Life

Dishonourable mention
Santa’s Slay (2005)

Santa's Slay

What a terrible movie this is. But really, I don’t think the creators were really chasing an Academy nomination when they decided to cast former WCW Champion Bill Goldberg as a psychotic, murderous Santa Claus (because Santa is an anagram for Satan – get it?). The first scene involves Goldberg humorously killing off a bunch of annoying second string celebrities including Fran Drescher and Chris Kattan (and James Caan – why did he agree to this?). Goldberg tears through the movie killing, maiming and even smashing out some signature wrestling moves and catch phrases (and did I hear his theme music in one scene?).
…actually, this movie is pretty rad – the kind of movie that you laugh at, not with.
…wait; it’s produced by Brett Ratner: ewwwww!


Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard

Yeah, Die Hard made my Christmas list. The Nakatomi-set action masterpiece is set on Christmas Eve – the Christmas decorations, snow and music are a dead giveaway (unlike Gruber’s minions who just wind up dead). Despite the body count McClane tallies up, Die Hard will always be a festive Christmas treat – as will the lesser-but-still great sequels.


Tribute: William Atherton

This article was published on the original Sorry I’m on 11/08/09.

Luke Miksa's: The Negative Space Bar

Welcome readers to the very first Sorry I’m Tribute. The tribute section was intended to pay some respect to actors, filmmakers and characters that – from my perspective – don’t really get the attention they deserve. With that, let us begin the inaugural edition of the Sorry I’m Late Tribute!

William Atherton

William Atherton is the epitome of the corporate 80’s douche, based on his two most well remembered roles of EPA agent Walter Peck from Ghostbusters and arrogant reporter Richard ‘Dick’ Thornberg from the first two Die Hard films.

A quintessential working actor, Atherton was had steady work for over thirty-five years – mainly making appearances in television series’ such as Desperate HousewivesLaw & Order and the 80’s version of The Twilight Zone, as well as the late 70’s ensemble mini-series Centennial.

What a Peck!

But he made his name as the snarky Peck from 1984’s Ghostbusters. He had everything you would want to hate in an antagonist – he’s condescending, he doesn’t believe in ghosts, he wears a suit, he has a beard – what’s to like? Played so well, in fact, that we do not only dislike him – we LIKE to dislike him. The interactions between Peck and Bill Murray’s Venkman are legendary – Atherton’s straight-laced portrayal was a perfect comic foil to Murray’s comedy style.


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