Review: Trainwreck (2015) — Amy Schumer’s Breakthrough in Judd Apatow’s Return to Form

Ladies and gentlemen, Amy Schumer. Luke Miksa reviews her new film Trainwreck:


“Monogamy isn’t realistic” is the quote a very young Amy Townsend (Amy Schumer) repeatedly has drilled into her head by her womanising father (Colin Quinn) in the opening flashback of romantic comedy Trainwreck. As an adult, Amy works at a popular men’s magazine, and her personal life is filled with heavy drinking, carefree sex, and partying — clearly adopting her father’s advice all those years earlier. Amy is assigned to write an article on successful sports doctor Aaron Connors (Bill Hader), mainly because she has absolutely no interest in the subject. As they spend time together, Amy and Aaron develop a romantic relationship, which can only survive if Amy can overcome her pre-existing conceptions on monogamy.

Ah, the look of regret.

Ah, the look of regret.

Trainwreck was written by star Amy Schumer, and is her feature debut both in screen-writing and in a leading role. Schumer’s success thus far has been relegated to stand-up comedy and her very successful sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer. Here, Schumer shows that not only can she write a strong, realistic, and hilariously outrageous female character, on-screen she can carry the whole film to boot! Schumer was a breath of fresh air that has been needed, and she brings a feminist voice to mainstream comedy which has been sorely lacking.

Director Judd Apatow has been in somewhat of a rut for his last few films, with Funny People and This is 40 receiving mixed reviews and mediocre responses. Trainwreck is the first feature directed by Apatow that he hasn’t written himself and it is quite obviously reflected in the final product, as Apatow hasn’t directed something so fresh since 2007’s Knocked Up. Gone is the free-wheeling style of filmmaking, replaced with a fairly tighter script. Although the runtime of Trainwreck still clocks in at over two hours, it moves briskly and is nowhere near as over-long as his previous efforts.


Recap: WWE Raw – 1st July 2013


Cold open with Vickie Guerrero announcing that tonight’s WWE Raw will be celebrating the history of the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championships, with title holders John Cena and Alberto Del Rio facing off tonight. This is met with general apathy from this Iowa crowd. It’s gonna be a long night.

In-Ring Segment

Daniel Bryan out first sporting a terrific new shirt touting ‘Respect the Beard’, and he receives a pretty nice reaction. Who would have thought that a strong in-ring push would get a competitor over?¬†Bryan compares himself to wrestling legends such as Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hogan’s name was met with jeers, which is pretty funny.

Sheamus then arrives to kill the mood. He brings up beating Bryan in 18 seconds at WrestleMania. Randy Orton also arrives sans music and says stuff. Then Kane arrives with pyro but no music, which is just bizarre. They are ultimately joined in-ring by both Christian and then CM Punk, and it seems all men shockingly covet the WWE Title. They posture and trade insults for a while until eventually Orton hits Kane with an RKO and this weak segment fizzles out.


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