Review: My Best Friend’s Girl (2008)

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My Best Friend's Girl

Tank Turner (Dane Cook, Good Luck Chuck) is a call centre worker with a side business: dumped boyfriends pay him to take out their slighted ex-girlfriends, and in that date be such an asshole to the degree that they come running back to the boyfriend who looks angelic in comparison.

Things get complicated when he is hired by his roommate and best friend (the one from the title, you see where this is going yet?) Dustin, played by Jason Biggs (American Pie 2), to take out his co-worker and “friend” Alexis (Kate Hudson, Almost Famous). Things go pear-shaped when Tank actually falls for Alexis, putting her between the two best friends. Tank is torn between loyalty and love, while Dustin desperately tries to keep himself as an integral part of Alexis’ life.

Needless to say that the storyline for this movie is nothing special, but when it comes to comedies the story isn’t important, what’s important is that I’m entertained. And was I? This movie is pretty much a vehicle to get a large part of Dane Cook’s stand-up routine onto film and looking at it from that perspective I would consider it great success. Now, don’ be fooled by the trailers and the posters and the Kate Hudson, this isn’t your standard Hollywood feel-good chick flick barf fest. It’s vulgar, really, really vulgar and at times very mean spirited. Awesome for me, but if you’re the type of person that complains about shit like McDonald’s commercials during kids TV or trying to get movies censored, then you should really not go anywhere near this. Actually, you shouldn’t go near anything because you’re just gonna COMPLAIN about it, aren’t you? What are you ever doing reading this? Let’s move on.


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