Sorry I’m Origins: The Weasel


Over the last few months I have been receiving a lot of feedback. Things such as:

“You should update your site more.”
“I wanna know where The Weasel came from.”
“You look like Marvin Hamlisch.”

To those people I say:
“I will update the site more often.”
“The origin story of The Weasel is a convoluted tapestry.”
“Who the fuck is Marvin Hamlisch?”

On that note, my fine feathered friends, I bring you the very first appearance of The Weasel; seen here making a cameo appearance in a short 2001 6-panel comic starring legendary comic character Franky the 4th Eated Duck (also note the origins of the catchphrase Sorry I’m Late – the same as the very website you are viewing!)

I now present for you, for the first time ever, the maiden appearance of The Weasel…

Franky the 4th Eated Duck
starring in

Stay tuned for further insights into the remarkable history of The Weasel.

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