A Smelly Tale

This article was published on the original Sorry I’m Late.com on 29/09/09.

Luke Miksa's: The Negative Space Bar

Warning, this blog has got nothing to do about anything. It does contain a mention of Tarfful.

You’re welcome.

Ok, so the plan for yesterday was to head down to Scienceworks and take a gander at the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition, which I absolutely HAD to catch before the installation is over in about a month. It was going to be an awesome day of looking at props and costumes and stuff – killer day for a nerdlinger like myself. But of course, all things don’t always go as planned but it ended up entertaining none the less.

So me and my other nerd-ly inclined companion, who in this story shall be referred to as Slappybags, head off to Scienceworks. Horror takes over as we realise that it’s school holidays, and Scienceworks quasi-educational appeal for parents has made it a top holiday destination. Goddamit, I wanna see the Tarfful Wookie costume! The line was stretching all the way to Bespin, and a quick analysis led to a swift conclusion – F that!

Instead we just continued into the city and visit the usual DVD and comic stores (picked up DC’s Identity Crisisand Daredevil: Guardian Devil by Kevin Smith – nice). The real story is the way home.

Driving on the Westgate Bridge, I notice a few small brown droplets on the windshield, odd because it was neither raining nor is rain usually brown. Then it began to pour, and that’s when I realised it wasn’t raining, I was driving next to a truck full of sheep, and one of these sheep decided to go and diarrhoea all over my car.

And let me just stress that when I say it was raining poo, it was a literal shit-storm. Behold the photographic evidence:

Needless to say Slappybags was very distressed, besides laughing to tears; if his window was down he would have received the dumpage all over his face. He may have looked like this:

Film reference.

It got a bit stinky in the car, but turning on the fan was a super-bad idea. It was in the vents! Straight to a car wash we go.

So I guess the moral of the story is if you are thinking of ditching a Star Wars exhibit beware, you may get shit on by a sheep*.

*Can’t blame him though, I would poo too if I was gonna be someone’s dinner.

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