A Smelly Tale

This article was published on the original Sorry I’m Late.com on 29/09/09.

Luke Miksa's: The Negative Space Bar

Warning, this blog has got nothing to do about anything. It does contain a mention of Tarfful.

You’re welcome.

Ok, so the plan for yesterday was to head down to Scienceworks and take a gander at the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition, which I absolutely HAD to catch before the installation is over in about a month. It was going to be an awesome day of looking at props and costumes and stuff – killer day for a nerdlinger like myself. But of course, all things don’t always go as planned but it ended up entertaining none the less.

So me and my other nerd-ly inclined companion, who in this story shall be referred to as Slappybags, head off to Scienceworks. Horror takes over as we realise that it’s school holidays, and Scienceworks quasi-educational appeal for parents has made it a top holiday destination. Goddamit, I wanna see the Tarfful Wookie costume! The line was stretching all the way to Bespin, and a quick analysis led to a swift conclusion – F that!


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