This Week in Trailers: Jan 23rd – Jan 29th

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The Heat – International Trailer

This is pretty standard buddy-cop fare with a female twist, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as two opposites that will no doubt learn from each other to become a dynamic, crime-fighting duo. I do see a positive in this trailer – and man, it’s a big-‘un – and I am referring to the appearance of Biff Tannen himself, Tom Wilson: Shut up and take my money!

Directed by Bridesmaids Paul Feig, this currently looks severely underwhelming but we shall see on its April 4th Australian release.


Day of the Falcon – US Domestic Trailer

In the spirit of sand-and-sandal epics such as Lawrence of Arabia, the French film formerly known as Black Gold strikes a classic genre that is rarely seen in modern cinema. It looks expensive, and it has been extremely poorly received internationally, yet the lure of seeing Antonio Banderas and Mark Strong playing Arabian Sheikh’s and Sultan’s may be too much to resist.

Expect this to go directly to VOD and home video.

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Top Gun IMAX 3D

Not much to say here except that I can’t believe Top Gun actually warrants an extensive IMAX 3D re-release.

IMAX Melbourne has yet to list this so I expect it to head straight to the 3D Blu-Ray shelves for all you fans of beach volleyball.


Inside Llewyn Davis

This trailer shows a more low-key, biographical style of film-making from the Coen’s than fans may expect based on a majority of their past body of work. No need to fret though, as their token brand of sharp, dry wit is clearly on display – just don’t expect any woodchipper-style violence – and John Goodman returning to a Coen film is always a big plus.

Inside Llewyn Davis currently does not have any release dates outside of the festival circuit.


Upside Down

This French-Canadian romantic sci-fi film involves a seriously interesting premise – two divided planets with their own set gravity living next to each other – and a whole bunch of potential. Hopefully this doesn’t suffer the same missteps as the thematically similar film In Time.

Upside Down currently doesn’t have an Australian release, but a US release is set for March 15th.

via Yahoo! Movies

Snitch – 2nd Trailer

The Rock always plays better in these kind of action-drama’s as opposed to the dodgy kiddie fare such as The Tooth Fairy. This has all the hallmarks of being fairly generic, but Dwyane Johnson’s on-screen presence can carry a film a long way, and let’s not forget the terrific supporting cast of Susan Sarandon, Barry Pepper, Benjamin Bratt, and some small screen favourites in Jon Bernthal and Michael Kenneth Williams.

Snitch has an Australian release of May 9th.

via Yahoo! Movies

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