This Week In Trailers: Fast & Furious 6, Lords of Salem, Spring Breakers, Identity Thief, More

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Fast & Furious 6 – Extended First Look

First up is the big first look at the 6th entry in the former dead-in-the-water Fast and the Furious franchise, this one continuing the semi-coherent overarching story set up in part 4. It’s nice to see Michelle Rodriguez – seemingly at one time on the Hollywood black list – return to the franchise that got her noticed.

I am in the minority in having no real interest in this series, but it will undoubtedly do massive business when it comes to Australian theatres full-throttle on June 6th; two weeks after the rest of the world, possibly so the stars can come down to promote.


Spring Breakers – Red Band Trailer

This is one to look out for. The tone is grimy and seedy, and the cast consists of a group of young actresses clearly trying wipe clean their Disney Channel image for something a bit more adult. The icing on the cake of course is James Franco as a slimy gangster going by the name of Alien. Shut up and take my money!

Nothing set in stone for Australia as of yet, but I would expect this to hit our shores mid-year.

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Lords of Salem – Trailer

I am a big fan of Rob Zombie the musician. As a film-maker though, Zombie is definitely hit or miss, the biggest miss being the awfulness that was Halloween 2. One thing I know for sure is that the guy is a bona-fide horror movie historian and you can’t deny his knowledge and enthusiasm despite his shortcomings.

The visuals in this trailer are gripping, and as always Zombie casts an abundance of horror movie veterans (Ken Foree, Dee Wallace, Meg Foster) to fill out the cast. Oh, and his wife: Zombie will never make a film without her.

Lords of Salem is currently on the festival circuit.

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Somebody Up There Likes Me – Trailer

I love Parks and Recreation, and one of the best characters in that show’s stellar line-up is Ron Swanson, played hilariously dry by Nick Offerman. This film is basically Offerman doing his Swanson shtick as a big-screen bartender, which I am completely fine with. The trailer is offensively indie, but it still made me laugh; unlike other comedies in today’s list.

There is currently no Aussie release date, but Somebody Up There Likes Me has a limited US theatrical run beginning on March 8 before heading straight to VOD.

via Apple



Phil Spector – Trailer

Watch on as Al Pacino – playing music legend and convicted murderer Phil Spector – gets all shouty as only he can. The re-teaming of Pacino with Glengarry Glen Ross writer-director David Mamet is enough alone to warrant a look, but who here doesn’t want to see Pacino getting wiggy with it?

Phil Spector airs on HBO in North America on March 24. Australian air-date is pending.

via HBO



The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – UK Trailer

Much like the first trailer released late last year, this new UK trailer falls completely flat for me; filled with jokes that barely manage a wry grin. Hopefully the outstanding lead cast of Carell, Buscemi and Carrey – and a solid supporting cast – can lift this one from mediocrity. But it doesn’t look good.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is scheduled to appear in a puff of smoke locally on March 14.



Identity Thief – International Trailer

The theme of unfunny comedy trailers continues with the new international trailer for this road-movie starring Jason Bateman as Jason Bateman and – in her second appearance in buddy-movie trailers in as many weeks – comedic woman of the moment Melissa McCarthy. The trailer doesn’t do the movie any favours, but I hold out high hopes: I found director Seth Gordon’s previous film with Bateman, Horrible Bosses, some solid comedy.

Identity Thief drops in Australia on May 2; 3 months after the wide US release.

via Universal Pictures UK

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