The 100: To Watch Or Not To Watch?


Airing on Thursday September 7 on Fox 8 is new CW sci-fi drama The 100. As usual, we in Australia are a little behind as the US have recently finished airing season one. I haven’t noticed much hype about this show from Australian audiences, but let me tell you, there should be – from thirteen year old girls! So if you are wondering whether or not you need to jump on The 100 band wagon, read on.

The 100 is a sci-fi drama based on the novel of the same name by Kass Morgan set in a world where the Earth has been torn apart by nuclear warfare, which led the surviving humans to haul up in to space for 97 years on what is called the Ark. The Ark’s number one rule is: if you break the rules, you die; unless you’re under 18 and get put in lock up until you come of age, then you die. The Ark, which is running out of supplies and oxygen, sends 100 of its under 18 year old prisoners to the presumably toxic Earth to suss out the situation. On Earth, the teenagers are learning to survive on their own in a new world while battling the environment, disease, and of course the hostile survivors; the Grounders. Oh and there’s the Reapers. Also, the Mountain Men. People just keep showing up on this supposedly uninhabitable planet. While the kids are fighting internal and external demons down on Earth, the adults are up in the Ark still trying to save what they believe to be the only other humans left.

Intense acting sequence

Intense acting sequence

With new sci-fi TV shows popping up left right and centre, for example Extant and Falling Skies, there needs to be something that separates each from the pack. What separates this one from the pack is that it can hardly be called sci-fi at all. What it is is a sweaty, awkward teen drama set to the backdrop of a post-nuclear Earth. What makes it more disappointing is that the basis for this show has so much potential for something deeper and more meaningful to us humans today. To those out there who say, ‘but you do know this is based on a young adult book, right?’ To them I say, Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Give the young adults some credit! The dialogue is cringe worthy most of the time and coupled with some extreme over-acting makes for some seriously dreadful first episodes that make you forget why you are wasting your time. Not to mention the impending winter that never comes and the multiple incurable viruses, but don’t worry, they will cure themselves of course!

Aussie actress Eliza Taylor plays the emotionally traumatised female lead, Clarke. With a shaky start to say the least (understandable coming from such TV prodigiousness as Neighbours and Blue Water High), Taylor really picks up her game toward the end of the series holding her own with some TV actor veterans such as Paige Turco and Isaiah Washington.

Kodak Moment

The 100 cast: Kodak Moment

Luckily, there are some redeeming qualities that means this series isn’t a complete loss and actually has some potential for next season. Firstly, if you can get passed the first few episodes there are some really nice moments developed around morality and humanity that really makes the audience appreciate what they have. Secondly, the drama unfolding on the Ark with the adults is much more entertaining and thought provoking than what’s going on with the teens on Earth and make each episode worth sitting through. The series soundtrack and some stunning visuals are some crucial redeeming factors for this series. Lastly, The 100 is very good at keeping the audience intrigued without actually answering any of the important questions, like how did these other people survive the nuclear war or more importantly was there even a nuclear war at all?

The last few episodes are filled with twists and some faster paced action compared to the rest of the season. If there is one thing I really liked about this show it’s that they didn’t drag out the played out scenario. Unlike some recent TV shows *cough* Under The Dome *cough*, the end of this season shows a clear transition and progression in to a totally new plot for season two with new challenges and I suspect more cheesy dialogue. Because of this I am actually looking forward to seeing where this is all going in season two.

If you still aren’t sure whether The 100 is for you, please answer this quick survey:

1) Are you a female aged 13 – 17

2) Do you like cheesy one liners?

3) Have you ever watched and thoroughly enjoyed Pretty Little Liars?

4) Do you have some time to kill on Thursday nights from September 7th onwards?

5) Are you partial to moderately well written young adult dramas?

6) Are you in to post apocalyptic scenarios?

7) Are you kind of interested in space travel but like, kind of not really?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you should give The 100 a red hot go! The 100 airs in Australia on Thursday September 7th on Fox 8.

Let me know below in the comments whether or not you’re planning on watching, I wanna know!

The moral of the story is:

Don’t send pubescent horny teenagers to do an adults job.

Further viewing:

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