The 100: To Watch Or Not To Watch?


Airing on Thursday September 7 on Fox 8 is new CW sci-fi drama The 100. As usual, we in Australia are a little behind as the US have recently finished airing season one. I haven’t noticed much hype about this show from Australian audiences, but let me tell you, there should be – from thirteen year old girls! So if you are wondering whether or not you need to jump on The 100 band wagon, read on.

The 100 is a sci-fi drama based on the novel of the same name by Kass Morgan set in a world where the Earth has been torn apart by nuclear warfare, which led the surviving humans to haul up in to space for 97 years on what is called the Ark. The Ark’s number one rule is: if you break the rules, you die; unless you’re under 18 and get put in lock up until you come of age, then you die. The Ark, which is running out of supplies and oxygen, sends 100 of its under 18 year old prisoners to the presumably toxic Earth to suss out the situation. On Earth, the teenagers are learning to survive on their own in a new world while battling the environment, disease, and of course the hostile survivors; the Grounders. Oh and there’s the Reapers. Also, the Mountain Men. People just keep showing up on this supposedly uninhabitable planet. While the kids are fighting internal and external demons down on Earth, the adults are up in the Ark still trying to save what they believe to be the only other humans left.


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