‘Nobody Likes a Blonde in a Hamster Ball’ – My Veronica Mars Odyssey: Season Two


Come to find out if Veronica Mars season two was as good as the first? The short answer, no. If you want to find out why read on.

Since my viewing of season one of Veronica Mars, it’s safe to say I got hooked! I ran out to get season two and began watching straight away. But alas, episode after episode my excitement slowly dwindled. Don’t get me wrong, this season had the same charm and wit that made the first season so memorable, just with a few changes. Instead of watching semi-sophisticated writing and plots come to life, what it turned in to was less on the side of sophistication and more on the side of trashy teen drama.


Veronica Mars Cast

There still doesn’t seem to be many repercussions that occur from the actions and plots of the teens, only this time they tackle teen pregnancy, sexuality, child abuse and even pedophilia. The big mystery in this season revolves around a school bus blowing up and killing multiple students from Veronica’s high school. Veronica continues to get herself in some sticky situations trying to solve this mystery and find the murderer but she herself gets caught up in the teen drama of it all, and it’s not just the teens. Veronica’s dad Keith even get’s hot and heavy with a new lady.

The characters remain generally the same in this season and the new more vulnerable Veronica I was hoping to see after the end of season one was nowhere to be found. Honourable mention goes to Michael Muhney, who plays Sheriff Don Lamb in true villain style. He is the character you will love to hate and who angered me to no end. On a scale from one to Joffrey, he lies somewhere around Dolores Umbridge.


Kristen Bell’s amazing expressions

The story line, although a different mystery, plays out much like season one with little tidbits here and there, and the real culprit turning out to be someone you did not expect nor could ever have possibly guessed. Although this was effective in season one, I would liked to have seen a more interactive season. Getting to the final episode of this season I realised — as entertaining as it was — it was kind of pointless. Yes, at the end Veronica graduates, but other than that the characters are pretty much left were they began at the start of the season. Even the re-introduction of an old character in to Neptune society who could have created an awesome and creepy storyline for next season was killed off in the last episode! This felt like kind of a weak move that was tying up some loose ends that had way more potential for next season.



The most disappointing of all was a Logan and Veronica (Vegan) reunion. The idea was toyed with all season and although we do get a pleasing scene between them, it is nowhere near the dramatic Grey’s Anatomy moment I was hoping for. For a season drowning in teen drama and tackling the big issues, it seems like it wouldn’t have been too hard to give the loyal viewers a better Vegan reunion. Not to mention the absolute heart wrenching death of Keith, then he turns out to be totally fine. The only actual intense plot line that would have changed everything and made for an amazing third season conveniently fixed itself.

Okay the spoilers are over.

So although season two didn’t hold up quite as well as season one, those who love the characters and are invested in Veronica’s story and progression won’t be disappointed. Next season Veronica is in college and I expect some more colourful shenanigans from the gang who, oh yes, all conveniently go to the same college.

Please stay tuned for some more Veronica Mars goodness with my next adventure through season three. If you have something you want to share please comment below or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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