‘Nobody Likes a Blonde in a Hamster Ball’ – My Veronica Mars Odyssey: Season Two


Come to find out if Veronica Mars season two was as good as the first? The short answer, no. If you want to find out why read on.

Since my viewing of season one of Veronica Mars, it’s safe to say I got hooked! I ran out to get season two and began watching straight away. But alas, episode after episode my excitement slowly dwindled. Don’t get me wrong, this season had the same charm and wit that made the first season so memorable, just with a few changes. Instead of watching semi-sophisticated writing and plots come to life, what it turned in to was less on the side of sophistication and more on the side of trashy teen drama.


‘Life’s a Bitch and Then You Die’ – My Veronica Mars Odyssey: Season One


What will follow is an account of my experience with the TV series Veronica Mars – also the movie, the book and the upcoming webisodes. With the recent announcement of these webisodes and never having watched so much as a scene in my entire life, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! This is my no-prior-knowledge, plenty-of-TV-experience, habitual-junkier take on Veronica Mars Season One. Please be aware that if you haven’t seen the show there will be a spoiler section so be careful, you’ve been warned.


Veronica Mars

It was a rainy Friday afternoon not unlike the afternoons before it, but this day was special, this day I would make the decision to drive to my local video shop and commit my time to the popular TV series Veronica Mars. Little did I know just how much time I would actually be committing to it. All I knew at the time was it was some sort of Nancy Drew type series set in an American high-school, to that I was correct. What I didn’t expect was the charm of Kristen Bell, the wit of the writers and the subtle yet delightful tinges of film noir. Veronica Mars is a series based around a sarcastically witty 16 year old, Veronica, whose dad owns a private detective agency after his fall from his respectable sheriff position in their home town of Neptune. Neptune is a small town with some very rich residents, or as referred to as the 09ers, amongst the lower middle class residents, Veronica and her dad included. In this season, Veronica, as an adept sleuth herself, investigates the murder of her best friend Lilly Kane.

Review: Fanboys (2009)

This article was published on the original Sorry I’m Late.com on 21/06/09.


It’s 1998, and for four die-hard Star Wars fans (they’re fanboys. Get it?) anticipation for the new Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace, to be released in nearly fifteen years has reached boiling point. Upon revealing that one buddy Linus (Marquette) has terminal cancer, and with not enough time to live to make the theatrical release of the film, the group (Huntington, Baruchel and Fogler) embark on a cross country journey to George Lucas’ famed Skywalker Ranch and steal a rough copy of the film. Joined by nerd-girl Zoe (Bell), road trip fun and shenanigans ensue on their very own hero’s journey.

Don’t be turned off by the very clichéd road movie plot, because although Fanboys follows similar tropes seen in many that have come before it, the film is just too damn charming to not like. And it’s quite possible that it couldn’t have been. Producer Harvey Weinstein’s vision of this much maligned film (originally set for release in 2007) was a final cut that saw the cancer subplot ditched for, well, nothing apparently. A big mistake it would have been, our friend Yoda would have said. The cancer subplot drives the entire narrative, and was never played with too much emotion but enough for to get a connection with the audience without being depressing. Kudos to the filmmakers involved who stood for their original vision, even though it delayed the release by years.

Also, without the cancer plot, the driving force and emotional core that it is, this movie would have been in major jeopardy of receiving a Dr. Ian Malcolm. Not cool.


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