MIFF 2014 Review: The One I Love (2014) — The High-Concept Brain Pretzel That is Best Left to Discover


The One I Love is the directorial debut of Charlie McDowell, from a script by Justin Lader. Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss star as a couple in a relationship crisis. They begin the film with marriage counsellor Ted Danson, who suggests a weekend at a secluded resort to try to mend their broken connection. Once at the resort, they encounter a strange occurrence that shakes their marriage to the core, but is there more than meets the eye?

This will be hard to discuss, because if I were to describe the film in any detail it will be a major spoiler for what can be considered the film’s twist. I strongly feel that going into this film with a blank canvas and no prior knowledge will enhance the experience considerably. Prepare to read one of my shortest, vaguest reviews ever!


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